Do you provide maternity gowns?

Yes, I offer 4 different coloured gowns for my maternity clients to choose from. Each gown is sized Medium/Large but is very stretchy to accommodate most body types. 

How long have you been doing this?

I started my business back in 2017 when I had my twins.

How many photos do we get?

I offer a variety of packages mini sessions include 10 edited digital photographs & Full Package includes 30 edited digital photos.

Do I get to keep the entire proof gallery? And can I purchase the unedited images?

No, you will only receive the images you've purchased from your chosen package. If your package includes 10 edits, you'll receive 10 edited images total.
No, you may not purchase unedited images because I do not sell them. I will only sell fully retouched images.

Whats your turn around time?

My current turn around time is three to four business days how ever during my busy season it be two weeks.

What is included in the newborn packages?

Each package includes a specific number of fully retouched Edited images. Each newborn package also includes a minimum amount of "set-ups".Depending on the time and  of the newborn, you may receive more than the minimum setups listed. This is to provide you with a larger proof gallery to make your final selections from.

Colour Schemes

Fall - Browns, Yellow, Navy, Red & Neutrals.

Spring- Navy,White,Cream, Pink, Peach & Grey.

Summer-Soft Pink,Soft Green,Baby Blue,Yellow, Light Grey.

Winter-Red,Black,Navy,Cream,Tan,Gold/Yellow & White..

What if I don't want my images posted online?

I respect everyone's privacy. If you wish to keep your photos private, I will respect that. 

How do I choose the images I want to be edited?

I will select all of the best images from each pose and set up done during the session. I will then lightly edit a proof gallery for you. This will allow you to choose your absolute favourite images instead of the photographer's choices.

Do you provide all the props for sitters?

Yes, I provide all backdrops, props, clothing &  headbands.

Do you do wedding photography?

I sure do! I love photographing weddings, events and engagement photography.

please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

How often do you photograph boudoir clients.

I offer boudoir photography throughout the year! It's prefect for anniversary, wedding gifts & yourself.